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The NWT-200 is a high-precision, high-resolution frequency characteristic tester with the functions of a signal source and an RF power meter. The popular application of the device is to test the amplitude and frequency characteristics of filters and RF amplifying circuits, and at the same time have an ultra-high test resolution of 1 Hz. At the same time, many domestic and foreign experts also use NWT series equipment to test the standing wave ratio, inductance, capacitance, RF power and function as a signal source.
NWT-200 circuit structure (computer usb port power supply):
NWT-200 uses ft232+pic16f876a+ad9951 +ad8307 circuit structure scheme.
The working current of the whole machine: 170mA~270mA (three sets of relays in the machine are turned on);
Dynamic range: better than 75dB;
Bottom noise: -80dBm (50 ohm impedance);
Measuring frequency range: 50KHz~200MHz;
Measurement frequency resolution: 1 Hz.
NWT-200 approximate use method:
The NWT-200 connects to a personal computer via the usb cable and installs the corresponding NWT test software on a personal computer for measurement, which is portable and space-saving.
Package includes:
1 X NWT-200 Frequency Converter
1 X Double Magnetic Ring USB Line
2 X BNC Turn Sma Plug
2 X Double Head SMA Line
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