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Input voltage: 2 ~ 24V
Output voltage: 3~30V (Note: The USB port is directly connected to the output port. It is an adjustable voltage port of 3-30V, not a 5V port. When connecting a 5V device, please confirm the output voltage of the USB port to avoid burning too high. Bad your device.
Input current: up to 15A
Output current: up to 4A
The CC potentiometer is a current limiting potentiometer. When the current limit is reached, the CC indicator lights up and enters the constant current mode. The boosting structure adjusts the limiting current and cannot directly short the output end. It can be adjusted to the minimum counterclockwise, and then connected to the battery. Turn clockwise to increase the current.
Output power: 3.7V input, maximum 45W; 12V input, maximum power 80W;
Output ripple: two-stage filtering, low ripple output!
Conversion efficiency: 82~95% The level of the differential pressure, the output current will affect the efficiency
Input overcurrent protection: 15A fuse
Input anti-reverse protection: high efficiency MOSS
Input undervoltage protection: To prevent overdischarge of the lithium battery, please solder the 5.6k resistance resistor at R22 in the lower left corner of the module, which is higher than 3.5V and lower than 3V.
The factory default operation is 2V voltage. If other levels of undervoltage protection threshold are required, it can be calculated by yourself.
The formula is R22=12500/(U-0.75v) ohms, where U is the desired undervoltage protection threshold voltage (stop voltage).
Board size: 80*31.5*20.5mm
Weight: 36g

Package includes:

1 x Power supply module
1 x Heatsink

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