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The RHF76-052 can be used for ultra-long-range spread spectrum communication, and the built-in secure and reliable LoRaWAN protocol stack, combined with the wireless gateway, solves the problem that the traditional wireless design solution cannot simultaneously consider distance, anti-interference and power consumption.
RHF76-052 can be widely used in various Internet of Things applications, and is suitable for automatic meter reading, home building automation, security systems, remote irrigation systems, etc. It is an ideal solution for IoT applications.
The RHF76-052 is available in an SMD package for rapid production through standard SMT equipment. Providing customers with high-reliability connection methods, especially suitable for modern, large-scale, low-cost production methods, convenient for a variety of IoT hardware terminal applications.
- Use serial communication to control the module by sending AT commands
- Support dual-band 433/470MHz and 868/915MHz
- Built-in LoRaWAN protocol stack to support China CLAA protocol
- Support EU868/US915/AU915/Japan 902-928MHz LBT function
- Up to 72 upstream channels (64 bandwidths for 125kHz normal channels and 8 channels with 500kHz bandwidth)
- Support CLASS A and CLASS C.Class B later online
- Support APB and OTAA to join the network
- Support for custom data rates
- Support communication with the full dual-LoRaWAN gateway
- Support LoRa point-to-point communication
- Support RSSI detection
- Current in sleep mode is as low as 1.45uA
- Upgrade firmware through the serial port
Module model: RHF76-052
Package: SMD-33
Size: 28*23* (2.95 ± 0.1) mm
Communication interface: UART
Spectrum range: 433/470MHz, 868/915MHz
Antenna form: external antenna
Maximum transmission power: 17 ± 0.5 dBm
Power supply range: 1.8~3.6V, typical value 3.3V
Communication protocol: LoRaWAN protocol stack
Working temperature: -30 °C~85 °C
Storage environment: -40 °C ~ 90 °C, < 90% RH
Whether to support secondary development: No
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1 x  RHF76-052 LORA Module

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