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1. Synchronous rectification scheme, wide voltage, high current, high efficiency;

2. DC plug for easy use;
3. Dual USB port, all with fast charging identification chip Compatible with Android iphone
4. With a beautiful acrylic shell kit for ease of use.

1. Working voltage: DC 9V–36V;
2. With input reverse connection protection, output short circuit protection;
3. Output voltage: 5.2V/5A/25W
4. Output capacity:
    9~24V input: Output 5.2V/6A/30W
    24~32V input: output 5.2V/5A/25W
    32~36V input: output 5.2V/3.5A/18W
5. Size: 53*40*21cm (length * width * height)
6. Weight: 37g

Package includes:

1 x Power supply module
1 x Case kit

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