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IO voltage: 1.7V to 3.0V (internal LDO to nuclear power 1.8V);
Power consumption: 120mV/65fpsVGA, YUV;
Sleep: <20uA;
Operating temperature: -20°C to 70°C;
Stability working: 0°C to°C;
The output format: (10bit  or 8bit) YUV/YCbCr 4:2:2 RGB565/555/444GRB4:2:2Raw RGB Data
Optical size: 1/4"
Angle of view: 25o
Signal to noise ratio: 50dB;
Dynamic range: 60dB;
Browse mode line by line;
Electronic exposure of 1 to 510 lines;
The pixel area: 6.0um*6.0um;
Dark current: 40mv/s at 60 °C
Photosensitive array: 640*480;

Package includes:

1 x Camera module

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